Atlee Yarrow

for President of the Archipelago Republic of Florida

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This is the basic program within the national totality of the party. For more detailed views read both tabs "White Guilt?" and "Why Campaign?" and check in about once a week (or two) to see updates as questions and informational variables come in or are changed as information from the media is updated.

Education in Florida

Simply put, a vote for a candidate like myself is a vote for fully funded education. Cuts or taxes will be done elsewhere in the budget. Education is Florida's #1 economic driver for our future.That being said, teaching must be made more practical and cost effective. 

It amazes me that Florida grade school teachers and college educators are already at the bottom pay-wise nationwide. The continued cuts to the educational programs seem to be a mix of conspiracy and complacency to remove what parents would naturally teach their own children. Neither saves money in the long run. The remaining middle class is a thin balance which and American workers on the whole are loosing out jobs that education can bring back. As I understand this, it is outright sabotage to gain access to the minds and dollars of tomorrow's labor and to sort out "We the People" into divides which only meet the needs of an elite few. All attempts to cut or remove education must be stopped, the line in the sand is drawn here, period.

Now that I have placed my opinion out there, I will extend it some more. I believe education should be well rounded to include additional social skills for more than the ABC's, mathematics, reading, for our children to become more social and not indoctrination, places of learning and higher education need competence in basic living and an understanding of the arts. In peer groups such as social clubs and athletics need to be more developed. These are part of the American tradition.

I believe that school should be a year around and not limited to 180 days. Education should be treated like any other job and the hours should meet higher standards allowing students and learners to have not only time for classes, but extra help during down time hours between classes or play time for younger children. This allows parents extra time for their employment and for teachers to teach to smaller classes.

Schools should have open breakfast and lunch so no child goes hungry or no child has to feel isolated due to income for free or reduced lunches. Basically, as one cost saving measure, what the system pays someone to take up money for lunches could be saved by not having such a person, it too saves the student who might focus better on studies than money for food, a basic need.

This brings me next to dress code, I believe that parents and overall taxpayer's in the long term would save money if school uniforms were introduced into the system. Each school would have its own tracking system and each student would have the five required uniforms. Parents would not have to concern themselves with high priced clothing and jobs could be created within Florida to provide and to manufacture the said uniforms keeping all incomes in the hands of taxpayers in state. We as adults dress for the job we do since life in business is not a social club. The student must face the reality of having a well organized and disciplined social structure that reflect a professional life as part of bring back another American tradition, good business and well paying jobs. 

All the above would come from a tax based fund from which is already paid or adjusted by the state. It is a set of questions we need to ask ourselves collectively, "How much money would this free up in my everyday life to not have to worry about two meals a day or purchasing clothes for the week?" and "How much worry and/or cost in childcare would this save me if school hours were as long as my hours?" and "Will I have piece of mind knowing that my child/children are getting the professional educational help they need by being in a safe and secure school while I am working and not at home alone?"   


On the morning of Monday, January 31, 2011 the Florida Senate passed on Senate 136: Enforcement of Immigration Laws to the Florida House Judiciary Committee to hold a workshop on the legal issues and possible outcomes of instituting an Arizona type law SB 1070 which reads as such, currently:

GENERAL BILL by Bennett; Lynn; Gaetz; Norman; Dockery

"Enforcement of Immigration Laws; Prohibits the state or its political subdivisions from limiting or restricting the enforcement of immigration laws. Requires a law enforcement officer to request citizenship information under certain circumstances. Authorizes a law enforcement agency to transport an alien to a federal facility. Authorizes citizens to sue the state or a political subdivision of the state if the state or political subdivision is restricting the enforcement of federal immigration laws, etc."

I do think there is a need for security for the safety of our legal and civil citizens. Law enforcement cannot have over stepping powers that may lead to abuses in our tourist or agricultural cultural industries. Florida relies heavily on legally documented migrant farmers and foreign tourism for our incomes and locally affordable food stuffs.

What we have here is a failure of the federal government in not following through with worker visas. The government of Florida unfortunately has no place in acting in place of a federal agency that is by far underfunded. What we do have is mostly limited to four Florida counties as 287(g) ICE Officers who work within the prison system.

Police officers need to have open license to view the status of citizenship when citing criminal behavior. Likewise, judges also should not be placed in a plaintiff or defendant roll and should remain neutral towards judgement in criminal cases. The legal status, pending, should remain with the federal government in criminal cases after the case has been completed with our state. What we can do for safety, security, and provide employment is to use the e-Verify I-9 form for all future prospective employees and grandfather in older employees as a blanketing procedure. We can encourage the federal government to have a 287(g) ICE Officer within each of our 67 counties, instead of the four we have now, to only look at the status during a criminal case (felony of any degree) and make this a standard practice for all so that racial or ethnic profiling is not the issue. Those convicted of criminal behavior should not cost taxpayers in the long run by housing them in prison and should be immediately deported to minimum cost for our maximum safety.

My answer to those who come here on a legal and valid H-2A Visa is to hold the federal government accountable and like the 287(g) ICE Officers, for the criminal aspect, we should have the next office over become a social justice advocate, from the federal government at their cost, not taxpayers, who can correct on-site the work visa issue so that those who are simply overlooked can remain here legally so long as there is no felony committed.

I fully support the whole use of the H-2A visa program as this gives protection to both the employee, employer, and help screen out criminal elements to protect our society.

Grandfathering in current employees will lower cost to employers and prevent a backlog. By requiring the federal government to have both 287(g) and social justice advocates to have offices next door to each other, in every county, we can provide resources to the legal system and civil system to deport criminals and retain legal workers. Oversights can be corrected by having a resource that legal migrant workers can go to without fear of deportation to retain an updated work visa.

One item that has not been challenged in federal court is the Fourteenth Amendment to define "Natural born citizen" and I would support the Florida legislation that would end the right of citizenship to those born of migrates and issue certificates of live birth. This is directly reciprocal to reflect the laws of other nations; whereas, citizenship and rights thereof are given to those only born from legal citizens already of their respective nation. Children must be returned with their parents in their nation of origin. 


As I know and understand marriage the state is in violation of separation between church and state. Upon entering office I would sign an executive order to remove marriage from state offices to be preformed. Marriages and divorces would be created or broken within a church or by the legal entity from which the marriage was created. This removes costly and time consuming work from the state which are better spent running the business of the people instead of involving the state in personal or legal and/or church business. This executive order will also allow more actual equality and not the illusion of equality. We people do in their own homes is not the business of the state or their neighbors. The money saved from not tying down the courts will free up monies for education, say, to teach law classes so more Floridians know their rights under our laws.

My harder left critics have said that this is "not an answer" or "you are avoiding the question" and to them I write, I do not live in an absolute bubble where life is either black or white. I give back people their inalienable rights to view and act on their own without involving the state intrusion. No Floridan wants the state nosing around in their personal lives and passing judgment or airing dirty laundry to the nightly news. What two people do should be held within their own two hands privately and for the state to coop a sacrament for a tax, profit, fee is deplorable and to then create laws that cross the threshold of the home is an overreach of government.

To my right-wing critics who are preoccupied by "Gay marriage", this frees them of judgement when the state no longer holds reign and saves taxpayer's dollars by not having to pay judges to rule on cases. This also means that the more libertarian among you have won the fight for more freedoms of which socialism actually stand for giving direct democracy a firm standing.

The entities that will create marriage will be reverted fully back to an individuals church or legal individuals that are registered to preform such services for couples. Likewise, divorce will also be conducted by those who have taken on their shoulder the act of creating marriages. This respects the rights of all concerned to keep their business within their own cultural structure.

Fast Train

On Wednesday the 16th of February 2011 Governor Rick Scott turned down 2.4 billion dollars in federal money to create a fast train connecting Tampa to Orlando. This in the short term was a means to save taxpayer's money, but has long term repercussions. Florida will have to have a fast train in the future and this is without a doubt more costly to taxpayers in the long run. Republicans of private enterprise also have a need to keep people from moving to different markets to expend their labor. By controlling movement of the people it holds them from seeking better wages in a near market.

Another shortcoming of not having the fast train is the effectiveness on tourism of which is a large part of incomes for Floridians. Civilized nations already have fast trains to help move people for their tourism industry. Tourists are locked into one city and have limited ability to see all of Florida. By having a fast train invites more tourism at an affordable rate which drives incomes up.

What Governor Rick Scott has done in the immediate, here and now, is cost well paying jobs that could have brought much needed income into the system. His aversion to governmental jobs and to "Run Florida like a business" is a form of cronyism to protect for-profit backers of his campaign. Those business of multinational global control have a secondary problem, good paying jobs that provide better for Americans. The American railroad is largely made of the American middle class and big business feels that it is in their interest to do whatever it takes to keep them in check from getting stronger in Florida. If employees began to support the fast train and began to organize they would make strides to better the lives which is whole and in part, part of the American Dream and Tradition.

The only way to send a strong message on this issue is to contact your state representatives who can overturn Governor Rick Scott's shortcoming.

The U.S. is the only nation without a developing fast train network and now we are falling behind even China in this area as of late of which Americans are financing with cheap and unsafe goods.

Return to Space

I believe that all of our people aspire to explore the heavens and learn more about their place within the cosmos. This aspiration is such a part of us that it does not require justification in order for a government to pursue it. It is something we must do. It is a necessity. Our space program has been allowed to deteriorate into what it is today and is shameful and unforgivable. We should once again extend our nation's arm into the heavens and reach for greatness. We must put our trust in the hands of our nation to restoring this innovative American tradition, providing incentives to our best and brightest to pursue our space exploration goals. We should invite this as a job and technology program attached to the more practical education plan within Florida.


I strongly support enhancing Florida's northern state line with more State Troopers and other environmental agents to protect our largest tourist attraction, nature and indigenous species of Florida. At this time the U.S.G.S. has listed 367 invaders and we do not need to add more to this list. The U.S.D.A. has listed 106 weeds / plants that are invading our farmlands.

Drilling for oil off Florida's coast

Florida as a state has limited control, out just a few miles, the federal government controls leases beyond that distance. Florida as a tourist destination and having most of our livelihood income from this service industry it would be unwise to place drilling rigs in sight of our pristine sandy beaches. I do support the current method where drilling sideways at a distance can keep these rigs at a distance.


I see the high rate of abortion as abnormally high and venturing into personal opinion, on my part, I believe this is not due to "unwanted" pregnancies, but based on socioeconomic status. As a nationalist my main goal is to protect even unborn life and to back this with jobs and/or means that can afford to raise stable families in Florida.

Right to Bear Arms - Second Amendment rights

I fully support all lawful and legal rights to carry, defend, and usage of firearms. I was taught at an early age by my father, "A well armed society is a polite society." On the other hand, criminals, I feel have lost their right to own weapons, that is until they have paid their debt to society. Depending on the type of crime, violent, even a reformed criminal may loose in perpetuity their right to carry a weapon. I do support open carry.